The Bucket List

Keep those purse strings tight! We’ve dug out 10 vase alternatives you can find around the house..


1- Flora light

Finally a use for all those blown lightbulbs hanging around in ‘miscellaneous’ drawers now you can de-clutter and DIY at the same time! Remove the insides of the bulb and hang upsite down filled with delicate gypsophila, lisianthus or spray roses. Grouped en masse, this simple idea creates real impact.



2 – Spout about it

Raid the garden shed for metal watering cans: an effective way to showcase wild arrangements and especially useful for outdoor displays. Hardy and easy to carry, a galvanised can provides the perfect container for long stemmed blooms such as sunflowers, stocks and ranunculus.



3- Bucket blooms

Breathe new life into old buckets with armfuls of beautiful blooms, Invest in miniature pails for table-friendly displays, or fill a large bucket from the garden with overflowing flowers, then place outside your venue or line your aisle for a statement look.



4 – Budding bottles

The slim shape of glass bottles suit delicate, long-stemmed blooms, and the different heights will add variation to table groupings. Mix and match wine, spirit and beer bottles for an electric look – you might need to host a few parties before the wedding!



5 – Jam jar posies

Maybe its because they’re perfect for mini displays or because they can be sourced easily, but jam-jars are hot property for a relaxed reception look. Rather than hitting the shops for a supermarket sweep, ask friends and family to save their used conserve jars in the run-up to the big day and you’ll soon have enough to fill your tabletops.



6- Get fruity

So, pineapples… who knew? Sometimes thinking outside the box results in the most memorable wedding – day decor, This quirky idea of filling a scooped- out pineapple complements bright, punchy blooms or tropical theme, and will certainly get your guests talking!



7 – Time for tea

With an increase of afternoon-tea-themed wedding breakfasts, the humble teapot is having its moment to shine. Mixing patterns works particularly well for whimsical-styled celebrations, where each table is decorated individually. At a traditional British celebration, a characterful teapot of flowers will look right at home



8 – Upcycled tins

We love the homespun vibe of tins, and these are just as easy to source and collect as jars. Team modern names from your weekly shop with vintage designs found in charity shops or online, to keep the look eclectic. Large tins look great with trailing foliage and statement flowers such as dahlias, roses and peonies.


9- Colourful crocks

We’ve already highlighted the merits of teapots, but don’t forget about the rest of the set. Milk jugs, sugar bowls and dainty tea cups filled with flowers heads can also be put to good use. Raid granny’s crockery cupboard for a true vintage vibe and coordinate with blooms in antique hues of soft pink, mint and cream. Alternatively, keep the look up to date with a mix of colourful flora.



10- Fill your boots

As long as the venue on your big day doesn’t resemble the muddy fields of Glastonbury, you probably won’t need Wellington boots as part of your outfit. But they can still be put to good use! Wellies are a great way to display outdoor arrangements whether they’re the standard green sort or a fancy patterned pair. They’re waterproof, come in pairs (that’s double the petals) and are the perfect accompaniment if you’re having a festival- themed do.



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