Heavenly Hydrangeas – The perfect flower for your special day!

For those brides to be, whether your opting for pastel floral designs for your special day or a lustrous, bold palette, Hydrangeas can create both! We are delighted to welcome back these beauties which will bring us months of pleasure!


Hydrangeas are sort of a marmite wedding flower – you love them or hate them. If you love them, then you’re in luck today! We adore the Hydrangea, it’s big blowsy attention grabbing quality and it’s great versatility as a wedding flower. They’re widely available from Mid-Summer to late-Autumn, they also come in a wonderful palette of colours from bright pink, purple and blue to more muted pastel shades and even crisp white. We have compiled a list of way’s that you can incorporate heavenly hydrangeas into all aspects of your big day!




Hydrangea Inspired Invitations

The perfect invite sets the tone for your big day right from the moment your guests open the envelope. Illustrated Hydrangea’s are a classically elegant design, the perfect sneak peek for the big day.


Hydrangea Ceremony Decor

Say I Do surrounded by beautiful hydrangeas in the form of ceremony and church door arches and pedestal arrangements filled to the brim with blooms. Hydrangeaa flower from Mid Summer to late Autumn so it’s the perfect flower for bringing that touch of summer to the wedding.



Hydrangea Chair Decor

Pretty little pew ends and hydrangea chair decor is a great way to add a little wow factor to the ceremony or even to the Bride and Groom’s chairs at the reception. Tied in pretty bunches or hung with ribbon or twine in mason jars can create such an impact even on the strictest budget.



Hydrangea Garlands and Swags

Due to it’s big robust blooms, Hydrangea is a great sturdy floral perfect for swags, garlands and fresh flower table runners for long tables. So beautiful and visually impactful, a great dramatic focal point.



Attention Grabbing Hydrangea Centrepieces

Hydrangeas look incredibly elegant when used in bulk. Arrange them on pedestals and in large vessels for extra height and drama, perfect for an ultra glam affair.



Believe it or not – Hydrangea Wedding Cakes 

From Hydrangea inspired confections to fresh little sprigs placed perfectly, we love these Hydrangea wedding cakes.



Hydrangea Bouquets

Whether you choose hydrangea as a great single flower bouquet or incorporate it into your bouquet among other pretty florals the result is visually beautiful. Resembling pom poms, you will only need 2 or three of these pretties for a full bouquet so they are a great budget friendly option. These can work great as a fun pop of colour, or for a more subdued look pick a pale pastel variety.





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