Houseplant of the month, In & Out Plants

In this month’s Houseplant of the Month post, we’re taking a look at ‘In & Out Plants’, as in plants which can be grown both inside and outside. Pictured below on the left hand side is Campanula, in the centre is the Balloon Flower and on the right hand side the Calla Lily




A member of the Campanulaceae family and officially called Platycodon, the Balloon Flower is a radiant plant with large blooms which, when they’re in bud, look like cheerful balloons. The botanical name Platycodon literally means ‘broad/flat bell’ and refers to the way in which the round bud opens up into an almost flat star, which are either white, purple or pink in colour.




The Campanula, which is also known as Bellflower has distinctive, highly decorative white, pink, lilac or purple flowers. Like the Balloon Flower, this pretty plant is also a member of the Campanulaceae family.




Also known as Zantedeschia, the Calla Lily is a striking plant, with spathes in a variety of colours ranging from white, pink, red and purple to yellow, orange and near-black. You’ll find both large-flowered and small-flowered varieties. And it’s also available as a cut flower at most florists.



Care wise, all In & Out Plants prefer a cool and light spot indoors to ensure the longest possible flowering. In the garden, they can tolerate both full sun and partial shade. And indoors, it’s best to keep the compost moist while flowering.

So, if you’re looking to buy a gift, like a versatile plant which can be grown inside and outside, now you know that Balloon Flower, Calla Lily and Campanula are absolutely perfect!




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