Help create your friends wedding floral dreams!

Trying to choose the  perfect wedding gift is never easy, but trying to choose a wedding gift for a sister, brother , best friend or someone dear can be daunting! You want it to be something that they will remember and be thankful for as they start their lives as a newly wedded couple, and most importantly something practical, so it won’t be returned or shoved into the back of a cupboard to gather dust!

Here at Pure Flowers of Distinction we offer a wedding flowers gift voucher that you can purchase from us in store and give to your loved one. You can purchase the value of just a bridal bouquet, the full wedding flower package or anything in between, which can then be personalized and tailored to create the brides unique wedding floral dream.

Wedding flowers are one of the most eye catching and breath-taking aspects of the day and like all the other facets of the big day, costs money!  We are now offering you the chance to be able to take some weight off the couple’s shoulders by purchasing some, if not all of their wedding flowers with our sentimental wedding flower gift voucher.

Due to the flowers having to be arranged a couple of weeks prior to the wedding, our vouchers are an ideal gift to present to the pride at the bridal shower! For those of you who don’t know, a bridal shower is a gift-giving party held for a bride to be in anticipation of her wedding. The custom originated in the 1890s and has continued to grow in popularity since. 

This gift is also ideal for couples who are relocating after their wedding day, they don’t have to worry about packing or finding space for yet another vase or lamp!

Our gift voucher is practical yet personal, enabling you to play an even bigger part in a day that will stay with you and them for the rest of your lives!

….. ‘’A gift is only a gift when it’s something worth giving’’

Call in store and get your voucher today! Bridge Street, Boyle County Roscommon.


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